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17 de junho de 2018

Mobility in Germany - October 2018


Mobility in Belgium - March 2018


Mobility in Tallinn - May 2018


6 de junho de 2018


Smart cities and eco cities

Visit to the fish farm of Castrelos


21 de fevereiro de 2018

Green crib

This year we decided to build a "Green crib" in the spirit and aims of the project "Greener future".

The PIEF class with the help of the teachers designed the steel crib and then a question popped up. How to decorate it according to the project?

A student suggested:" Why don't we decorate the crib with "violae tricolor"?
Then we could reuse the flowers and plant them in the aromatic garden?"

And so we did... After the Christmas holidays we replanted the flowers in the aromatic garden and now we are waiting for spring to see them flowering.

View the vídeo

13 de junho de 2017


  "Ninhos de pássaros no nosso jardim"

31 de março de 2017

Guadalhorce river, Province of Malaga

 Guadalhorce river, Province of Malaga

Visit in November 2016